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Date: May 11th 1943
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
Hampton Gray

Box A-19 , Nairobi
May 11/43.

Dear Mother and Dad,

Another uneventful week has passed. We are all working hard at the moment and don’t have really any time to relax except in the evenings. That sort of thing you will agree will do me no harm at all. However I am enjoying it all and really am quite happy considering everything. The war too has taken such a turn for the better with the capture of Bizerta and Tunis. All in all we have more grounds for a little optimism than anytime so far this war. It is surprising how everyone brightens up with a little good news. I am sure it is just the same at home. We had rather an terrible accident last night. For some time we have been able to hear lions around the aerodrome. We were not at all worried as apparently they very rarely attack humans. But last night a lion killed one of the native guards who patrol around the station. It has wakened people up a bit. They are lighting fires and erecting lights around the whole place now so maybe it won’t occur again. They are sending out a patrol to try and get it tonight too. It seems funny to have that sort of thing happening so close to civilization. We don’t have to worry about it in Nelson at any rate – I got a nice letter today from Joan Broughton. It is nice of her to think of me and I appreciate her letters. She had just got one from me. She sure likes you Mother and was saying what a grand time she had had for four days with you and Dad. She seems a good type of girl. Who is the boy Davy she mentions. She talks as if I should know him but I cannot think who she means. She mentions Jessie hates being married. Mention of that family makes me wonder where Elsie and Winnie are. If you know could you tell me. Winnie I seem to remember was turning into something of a bad egg when I left. If you ever do see them you might remember me to them. – The weather is still pretty bad with lots of rain and inconvenience caused by it. I am finding my Burberry that I so luckily managed to get from Godfrey quite invaluable. He might like to hear about that. But it gets so muddy, that is the worst thing. It is almost impossible to get around even by walking. When it rains too all the roads go impassible if you are more than five miles from Nairobi. I can assure you that the roads in B.C. are much better than these. – I have just had a visit from Beeston. He is unfortunately not with us as he is a good chap and a good friend of mine. He is still at MacKinnon Road. – How is Pauline these days. Is she still getting married this fall. I wish she wouldn’t. I seem to be missing all the family weddings. Maybe they will all come to mine when I get home. Keep your eyes open for a nice girl won’t you. I am going to be well on in years if this thing doesn’t end soon.

There seems to be very little more news of any kind that I can think of. Don’t worry about me, will you. I am O.K. and I hope that you are both looking after yourselves. May the Lord keep you and bless you.

All my love to you both,

Original Scans

Original Scans

Page 1 of WWII letter of 1943-05-11 from Lt. Robert Hampton Gray, VC, DSC