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Date: January 12th 1942
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

144 Sqdn
Luffenham, Rutland

Dearest Mother and Dad

Not much of interest to you today except that Hamp was up to see me and we had the night together in Stamford. It sure was good to see the lad once again and he is looking well. We stayed at the George Hotel and he very kindly looked after the expenses as he gets considerably more pay than I do. We will be getting together again soon I hope. He gave me a book which Pauline sent him and I have been reading it. The book is John Gunther’s “Inside Latin America”. He also wrote “Inside Europe” and “Inside Asia”. I have been doing quite a bit of reading since I arrived here but the library is not too good.

Haven’t had any mail for some days now and sure can’t understand it. I think there must be an awful lot of parcels straying around somewhere. The only ones which have come are yours, Mrs Currie, Gyros, Joan, Audrey so there will be one or two more in a few days I’m sure. The papers came a day or two ago with the “Target for Tonight” announcement. I should charge the theatre for using my name in their advertising but I won’t this time. Glad you enjoyed the picture.

I’m just sitting here now in the lounge of the mess by a nice warm fireplace and the radio is playing some nice music – the B.B.C. in my humble opinion is lacking in a great many things but I guess it’s O.K.

How is the new gov’t going these days in the province and who is the new City Council? Why didn’t you run for mayor or alderman again Dad? Don’t you like it.

Well just finished some really good games of ping pong with a fellow who was really good. I managed to capture only one game. No mail again this morning. – tell where did everybody address their parcels or letters.

Did I tell you about the hair brush? I think so – in any case I would appreciate one of those Fuller brushes that I used to have.

I’ve been off flying for quite a few days with a cold etc but I’m just about all set to go again. I wish the war were over.

Must go now to dinner – the food here is much better than Heyford. Give my best to everybody around. I told you I received your wire – glad you liked the broadcast.

Your loving son

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