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Date: October 4th 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

Upper Heyford
Oct 4/41

Dearest Mother and Dad.

Again a letter goes to you with all my love. Thank you for the last parcel which had a shirt, underwear, sox, peanuts and some chocolate. It was the sixth parcel. It was also the first which had been damaged in any way but I think all the contents were there. The Post Office over here had repacked it. I guess somebody dropped a trunk on it.

Still busier than ever. Do you know that in the past one week I have had 64 hours in the air so you figure that out for average. That is mostly night flying too so it sure tires a fellow out. I just come down and hit the hay quick after an extremely poor meal. We are not doing so well here for food despite the fact that we are paying a fairly high mess bill.

I had a letter yesterday from Eds sister inviting me down there sometime but I dont know when I’ll get there as it is away down in Cornwall and I am not likely to be moved there these days.

The mail this week has not been quite so good but I cannot complain as I have not been doing as well as I should in the letter writing this past few weeks but I will really try to improve. There were letters from you and Pauline this week as far as I can remember. The days have lost all significance now as there are no weekends or anything else and one day is just like another.

Sorry to hear that the weather is so poor and that the grass hasn’t been cut for a long time. I can clearly see that you need me there for awhile.

By the way the olives and cheese were sure good although I like the green olives a lot more than the ripe ones. Try a glass of them sometime anyway just for fun. The cheese went for toast and also sandwiches. As a matter of fact I had the last of the cheese last night. I hope you don’t mind the talk always of food but all we do is dream of big thick steaks smothered in onions or mushrooms and followed by a big piece of apple pie and ice cream washed down by a big glass of milk. I have had exactly one glass of milk since I arrived over here. The food situation is improving though over here with U.S. aid and all that sort of thing.

Glad you had Bob in for supper – he really is a good lad and one of my best friends. It seems sort of funny when I hear of these people joining the outfit. I can realize just what they have to go through. Good old John B. Jr. – a veteran. It will do a lot of them much good but maybe it will break some of them too – it is some testing ground.

Audrey is getting along alright Mother, since you ask. I hear from her quite often and write her once in awhile. I think Joan is still the girl though. I had a couple of letters from her lately. She still likes the nursing a lot.

Must go now to have a bath and then eat. Give my love and regards to all the folks around town. Jean and Gordon’s baby sure is doing alright.

Hope Hampton gets a good long leave before he comes over here.

More letters in a few days and I hope there will be some for me.

Love to you both

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