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Date: August 12th 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

Tuesday 12/8/41

Dear Mother and Dad,

Today is Tuesday so I will write you an air mail letter today. On Saturday I received your letter mailed on July 26 which was Saturday too so you see it took just two weeks to arrive and just to give you another example I received on Sunday a letter from you written June 24 so that is over a month longer. The letters were your eighth and thirteenth respectively. There was also one from Phyllis mailed June 29th so you see what a difference the air mail makes. Phyllis was still home when she wrote it.

Thanks for the snaps which you sent of everybody when Hamp was home. I have the one of you all stuck in my mirror – it was good. Hope you are getting my mail more regularly now as I am writing more often than before. I just heard today that a big batch of mail to Canada was lost some time ago but that wont happen so much now that the American life line is being kept open. One of the largest convoys just landed without having been bothered a bit on the way

As I told you in a letter a few days ago we are going on operational squadron next week and we have some hope of being sent to the east but time will tell.

These huts which Mrs Boomer speaks of are spread all over the country pretty well. The people are good that way. There are quite a few places who will do little things like that for you.

I hate to say so but there is mighty little chance of me being sent back to Canada but we can always hope. I’d like to get back but we have to win a war first and we will win it. Churchill gave a talk last night and as usual was sure good. I am sorry about Mc K. King – he is not very popular over here but I guess he is doing his best. The only good thing is his so called friendship with the U.S. The people over here are sure solid behind Churchill.

Your letter was sure full of news, Mum, just the kind I like. Please renew the subscription to the News though.

The parcel was a chocolate bar or two from Audrey. Will you send some olives – stuffed in a jar. Thanks my dears.


[postscript added to top of first page] Despite the wire send the parcels to me at Royal Canadian Air Force attached to R.A.F. England. Either that or send them to Heston putting on my rank name and number as well as RCAF.

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