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Date: January 30th 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

No 2 B&G School
Mossbank Sask.
Jan. 30, 1941

Dear Mother and Dad –

This is just a note to let you know everything is going fine still. It is a lot milder now than it has been and the sun even feels warm.

Although the first few days were poor the last have been wonderful flying days and everybody is getting in about four hours a day which is a mighty good thing.

Thanks for the sox and stretchers which came yesterday – also the letter from Hampton – he is doing well and will like the work. I haven’t used the stretchers yet but they look to be fine.

By the way I wrote to Mrs Peebles and thanked her. Glad Mrs Currie liked the letter – it was a masterpiece of the old salve – in case you didn’t read it. Really though I did appreciate them thinking of me like they did.

The work is progressing well now – we had our mid term exams last night. I did alright I think. We have to work so fast and hard here that we didn’t even have time to write them during the day but had to go back at night.

Still think I’ll get some leave and hope it will be long. Just a chance we’ll be off on Feb 14 (Friday) but don’t know. Excuse this scribbled note – more again.


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Original Scans