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Date: September 1st 1944
Don Culley (brother)
Ray Culley

Sept. 1st / 44.

Dear Don:–

Another month past. The time sure is flying isn’t it? It was a year ago since I was last home, but don’t get me wrong, its only a short time compared to the amount some spent away.

Our correspondence sure has been irregular, but that can be blamed on me. Often think of you and the rest, but can’t seem to gather enough odds and ends to write an interesting letter.

From reports coming my way everything seems to be going along smoothly. Keep it up Don, you’re doing swell, but don’t work too hard as in the long run it may not be to your advantage.

Things have been pretty quiet for me lately, we don’t get an overabundance of leave as is (we have to catch an eleven o’clock boat [every?] night), and when we do there isn’t a heck of a lot to do. But Len and I always managed a pretty good time. The gals aren’t bad at all, if you meet the right ones. They don’t even compare to those at home though, natch! We see good American shows, slightly aged though. The orchestras are strictly corn, and the halls are always so crowded, and the doorman walks around to see that no Canucks start jivin’, so that puts a cramp in things. The girls are nice but are a little queer. When you ask them to dance they either put on the dog and embarrass you by saying “oh, you won’t go fast will you?” or they try their darndest to be Americanique which is not becoming. They give a little wiggle and say “Come on Canuck, lets get happy and give a little twirl.” However we do scrape together a fairly good time. We are a little to ready to criticize and compare their ways and customs I suppose.

Have not seen or heard of Don Bird. But I think he is back on board some harbour vessel, at least that’s what somebody said. If you see Les, say hello for me.

Hear you have a car, nice going. Maybe you will teach me how to drive, I hope. Pretty slow at learning though, but willing.

We have been expecting five or six days leave for some time now, we have been promised it for when we come back now for the last 3 trips. Each time only to be disappointed. It would be a rest though, as you couldn’t have a very exciting time.

When I received Mum’s letter, telling me of Dad, I was so very much relieved to know and feel that you were there with Mum. You did a grand job Don and thanks. It is almost over, and they will not need you Don, Dad has done more than his share for any family and we are justly proud of him. Please don’t feel you missed out on anything because you didn’t, you were at the right place at the right time. We will all be at the right place soon.

We are all so far from Dad, but he will get well and will soon be home, it must have been terribly hard on Mum, but she has such a grand spirit. We have not seen Dad for almost five years, and I think we all need a boot up the backside which has been long over due. Don’t think he won’t be able to do it either.

Bob seems to be doing swell in school, he should, and I think he’ll skunk the rest of us.

You probably see Norma once in a while. She really is a swell kid, isn’t she? Haven’t been very good though. When you get away you just don’t want to have any connections, just forget for awhile, and come back and start just where you left off.

Well I guess I’ve done enough for awhile, so I will let it go at that. Haven’t filled my summer in very good this year, only went swimming over the side three times. I don’t like the salt water, nothing like the Elbow out at Sandy Beach.

Thats about it, doesn’t seem to be much more to talk about. But once again I wish to thank you for the way you have managed things, and most of all entrusting me when I say your place is there, the Navy or any other service has nothing to offer you, Don. You will be much happier and far more successful where you are. Last of all I hope you don’t mind my telling you that and don’t think I should mind my own business. Well until I hear from you I remain,

Your loving brother,


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