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Date: October 17th 1915

Oct. 17th, 1915.

I've just forgotten where we left off in our weekly despatch. Any way we are living in dugouts at the guns and I have a tent hut here at the wagon line. It is really colder inside it than outside and your son James is going to get one of our recent purchases, a small stove put up. I go to bed right after supper as that is the warmest procedure. The owner of our palatial barn informed me today that last winter was exceptionally bad, but that November is a fine month in this country. He insists on this point and has told me twice today. I offered him a cigarette to put him on good terms in case he was merely using the weather as a prelude to a demand for payment for straw or wood that the men may have "pinched". It is a nuisance to have the people, who are really making a fortune out of the men for eggs, bread, beer, etc. come around for five francs for about five cents worth of straw.

Well I got another candle. I went out to inspect the piquet and pinched a candle. Then after I got it lit I noticed three under my pillow. This week in the parcel line we received the package from Stevie I expect, as the boracic had her name on it with the one about the horse of Methodist persuasion. I dont know what you could call yours. That chocolate that is'nt milk chocolate is the best yet. It's all eaten so I cant look at the label And those Sweet Caporal cigarettes too. I also got two from Doug, and my servant made some excellent pancakes. It seems that my letters both to you and my little wife are nothing but discussions on "eats" There is'nt much else to do so I guess that's why. I dont think Babe's sock have come yet as I have'nt had No. 4 parcel.

Oh Mother I had a bath two days ago. A regular swim in a big vat of hot water. I should'nt draw attention to such facts as you can so easily keep track of them. It has been a rather long interval this time.

Yesterday I went with the Q.M.S. to refilling point to examine the cheese and see how much tea we are getting, etc. They are going to issue flour, rice and butter is increased to three days a week. If anyone at home wants to know what to send the men tell them Currie Powder. It is great for wet days.

Then we went on to ordnance, got some putties, a few great coats as a replacement issue for some of the men and I got some Heintz tomato catsup.

Today I had a ride and got twisted by striking a paved road that was'nt on the map and it took some time to get it straightened out. This was on my way to a board meeting. Then after seeing the horses watered and issuing a few articles from stores I had a supper of mushrooms and turned in.