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Date: November 8th 1915

Nov. 8th, 1915.

Just a note tonight and if I get time I'll add to it before the mail goes tomorrow.

I have'nt written before this week because we got flooded out and had to build a new home. It rained for several days and we were low down and collected it all. Our dug out was six inches under water and we had to dig a pit and keep baling it out. One gun was down to the axle in water. We are now in a palatial home. It is our own construction of sand bags and tin roof with a moat all round. It has two windows, a table, and our stove with a bed in each corner and looks like a log shanty inside. We have 12 records for our Decca phonograph, which has'nt arrived yet. I borrowed one from Everett and it is going now. "On the Road to Dublin Town" is the selection. We have "Cecile" too and some other good ones.

I saw Pete C- and John K- and Everett a couple of days ago. You would'nt think there was a war on just now. I was at the F.O.O. today but it was very misty, we soaked them and they did'nt come back. I think the old Bosche is rather fed up with the war.

I have'nt heard yet about my transfer except a request to submit my application again for the third time.

I got your letter today about the knitting machine and Gordon's commission. I like the last pair of white socks very much. The grey ones are fine too.

I received Parcel No. 4 and No.5 came this week. We enjoy the Sweet Caporal cigarettes better than anything. There is "Cecille" now. I wish you could see us. Jove! It's cosy here. "In the Shadows" now. There goes a German "crump" a big shell. It's a queer life. Everyone is in fine health and spirits.

Candle went out last night so I went to sleep and now I'm going to sleep again. I went to see the Medical people today and my transfer is going through and I may be in a field ambulance or a M.O. but think there is no chance for England.