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Date: March 5th 1916

Mar. 5th, 1916.

Here it is Sunday again and once more in the trenches. My little dug-out gets more homelike every day. Our mess waiter has just lit the fire in here and the smoke is fierce. I hope the Germans cant see it. This morning I went down the trenches with the Major at dawn and came back at about eight through the muddy fallen in trench getting both feet soaked. I now have on rubber boots. This afternoon I went over to the Field Ambulance No. 1 to see Carr. They have moved into the line again now and clear for us. All afternoon the Bosche has been shelling with heavy metal back of the line. The crumps" certainly shake the ground.

We have had tons of rain during the week and the river is in flood again. Then is snowed and then some hail and today has been like spring. I had a note from Boswell. He is back looking after Dick and my extra kit. There is no news about leave yet. It was all cancelled and still is so I am just living in hopes of being told one of these fine days that my leave has come.

We had quite a nice spell "out" Neub came down to dinner and we had a long chat. We saw Buck Pierce and John Kay also Pete Campbell. I have'nt seen Jim MacDonell lately, not since the day he was up here shooting.

While we were "out" I finished the inoculations of the battalion, for which I am mighty glad. I also had a bath strange to say and it was great. I dream of the old shower at home.