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Date: April 1918

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Apr 2, 1918
We raided the Hun, taking prisoners & wiping out a patsoll.

Apr 4, 1918
Moved back to railway embankment where we were again heavily shelled & had some casualties.

Apr 5, 1918
Moved to Hansen Camp near Aux-Ritz corner. Fritz has lately been shelling this place.

This tour in the line was rather unfortunate for us. We lost four officers & thirty-two men from stray shells.

Fritz had begun his push just south of Arras & for three days we were without artillery protection. Expected the Huns to come over any moment. Two of our divisions, the 1st & 2nd were taken away & we were without support. If Fritz had come over in any strength he could have wiped us off the map & retaken Vimy Ridge.

Apr 9, 1918
I gave a lecture to the Officers & N.C.O.’s of the 116th Bn on Trench Feet, care of feet & general sanitation. We were shelled while I was talking. This evening we went to a cinema & again were shelled. The hut was splattered with pieces of shell & dirt.

Have been inoculating the Officers with mixed Typhoid & Para-typhoid. Gave my sanitary squad a severe talking to. They have got to do better work.

Apr 11, 1918
Moved from Hansen camp by train to Bully Grenay & marched into St. Pierre. We broke camp at 3:30 pm. Entrained at 5pm in open trucks on the light railway, crowded like a can of sardines. It was a warm afternoon but by evening it got very chilly. We arrived at Hersin at 11pm & here had a long delay. Finally arrived at St. Pierre, our destination, at 5am Apr 12/18 where we should have arrived at 8:30pm of the 11th. The whole of the 9th Brigade was moved the same way & one of the 43rd trains jumped the track. This caused a lot of the delay.

We relieved the 8th Sherwood Foresters. It was a quiet relief.

R.A.P. = Regimental Aid Post

T.M. = Trench Motor

It was 6:15 am before I turned in at my R.A.P. & slept to noon. This R.A.P. is a dandy, just where St. Pierre runs into Cite St. Eduoard Junction Post. We heard that Fritz had broken through just to our north & reached Merville.

It does not look as if we are winning the war.

Apr 16, 1918
We took over the front line from the 58th. I remained at Junction Post sharing the R.A.P. with Capt. Campbell, M.O. of the 52nd.

We have a T.M. alongside of us doing anti-aircraft work. They sure do make Fritz turn tail & I go out & cheer them on.

Apr 19, 1918
We put over a projectile gas attack on Fritz.

I might say we are getting Mr. Hun’s goat on this front. There is a great deal of activity but we are giving him a great deal more than he hands us. Our casualties have been few & slight, mostly last draft boys are getting hit.

I am trying to make my Bn louse-proof & so far results are encouraging.

At times Fritz shells our R.A.P. & makes things a bit warm for us.

Apr 23, 1918
Moved back to Bully-Grenay, being relieved by Capt. Duggan, M.O. of 58th Bn.

Apr 30, 1918
We moved from Bully-Grenay to Petit Servins, arriving there late at night. We have been very busy getting rid of all excess baggage, being limited to 45 lbs only. I sent mine to Thomas Cook & Sons, Ludgate Circus, London.