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Date: April 22nd 1944
Mother and Dad
Malcolm McKenzie

April 22/44

Dear Mother and Dad,

Boy, has this been a tough day. It is the worst day I have had since I joined the Navy. Everything seemed to go wrong. I lost my towel in the morning. I left it for a minute and when I came back it was gone. Then I went to the mess hall and when I went to get my hat to come home, someone had stolen it. Then I lost a $5.00 bill. On top of this I only got about 4 hours sleep last night and I feel tired today. It is going to keep me broke buying stuff I leave around. You remember how I used to be so careless with my stuff at home. I can put it down to experience and be more careful from now on, but the experience is sure costly. What I need is a good nights sleep and everything will be rosy again.

I went to the library here yesterday and got a book. They have a good selection. I got one of Rider Haggards books “The People of the Mist.” I am going to get “She” next.

I am getting convinced that it doesn’t pay to save your money. I saved as much as I could this week, so I could have a good time on the week end and then I go and lose it all.

I wonder why it takes so long for letters to come from home. I haven’t received a letter yet, but I am hoping for one every day.

Well, it is about time to go to a free picture show and forget my worries for a while. I am feeling fine and getting lots to eat. On Friday I ate so much ice cream I could hardly move. I was on the dish-truck and every time I look rosy again.

Sunday April 23/44

It is a beautiful day here today We got off at noon and we went to a show. Spencer Tracy in “A Guy named Joe.” We get all the latest pictures here. I found my hat today. I looked for about 4 hours in the mess hall. The guy that took it had hung it up while he went to eat dinner. I will keep it in a safe place from now on.

I have got over my cold completely. I don’t know how because their is a lot more chance to catch cold here. Maybe my constitution is getting used to Navy life. I think I will write a letter to the High School and tell them about Navy life.

One good thing about living in barracks here, you can have a lot of fun without spending much money.

Your loving son,

Ord. Smn. for W/T McKenzie R.M.
H.M.C.S. St. Hyacinthe
St. Hyacinthe P.Q.

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