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Date: March 13th 1944
Mother and Dad
Malcolm McKenzie

March 13, 1944

Dear Mother and Dad,

Well, I have been here for a week now and here it is Monday again. Yesterday I got off at 12 noon and went to Aunt Isabell’s. I had supper there and later went to Westminister church with Don. I received your letter today at noon and I was sure glad to get it. Everything is going great. Last Saturday I was off from noon to 1.30 A.M. I went to two shows. Today we began our lessons. The first one was recognition of naval badges and ship’s watches.

The ship is sure crowded now. Don and Bruce Thornton are out in lodgings about five blocks from the ship. If I put in a request for lodgings, I may get them too, but I don’t know if it would be any good. Don says he gets less sleep out on lodgings than in the general mess, because he does not get in until later, and he has to get up, so much earlier to get to the ship in time. One hundred more recruits came in this morning.

When I went over to Aunt Iola’s on Saturday. She gave me a navy scarf which she had made from material she bought, and she dyed my gloves navy so I have a complete outfit now.

The course we are taking is the regular 8 weeks course, but we have to finish it in 4 weeks so I guess we will be busy. I am fine and hope you are the same.

Your loving son,

[Drawing of “Yours truly” and “Cole” titled: “waiting for dinner”.]

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