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Date: February 7th 1915

Feb. 7th, 1915.

The White Hart Hotel, Salisbury.

I am down here getting stores and have been before, this week. The White Hart is right opposite the cathedral which is supposed to be the oldest and most uniform piece of English architecture. It was all built during the same period of 50 years. We are going to see it this afternoon. The town otherwise called Old Sarum, is quaint also and very full of people, mostly soldiers. Last night I slept on a bed made of a baggage rack and two chairs, in the banquet hall. There were four of us in this huge room. The hotel is labeled with accounts of visits of Royalty, hunting luncheons, etc..

We expect to go to France for some more training on Wednesday. Dont worry about this as I think we will be in billets over there for some time.

Everyone here is in fine shape, including Bob my horse, and Shell and pup. I am going to send her to Aunt Hattie, I think, with my kit bag of extra kit, and she says she will have anything sent to me as I need it

I dont remember whether I told you about seeing her in Devizes. I rode in on a bike to have dinner wi with her as the motor cycle was under repairs that night. They told me of Melville's marriage but I have'nt seen him since then. Concy and George were there for dinner and we had quite a chat.

Elliot and the Major are fine now, and we all have our kits packed for moving.

I have been getting letters and papers regularly.