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Date: September 15th 1916
Miss Shand
Lena A. Davis


Sept 15th.

Dear Miss Shand-

Just after I had sent your letter to be posted, orders came that seven nursing Sisters were to go on board hospital ship that afternoon to start for England.

I had not yet been up and of course nothing packed and I was in no condition to do it. However three of the girls went at it and had it done in no time, but of course I have not the faintest idea where to look for any thing. But I am mightily thankful I had friends to do it for me.

After getting all ready later word came that we would not start before 8 a.m. next day. Five of us have Malaria and one had typhoid and one just worn out. Tell Miss Coombs that Captain Sparks came down and saw us all safely on. We have most comfortable quarters.  Each of us has a single cabin. In each there is a white enamel bed stead, wardrobe, wash stand, chest of drawers and a large window, not a port hole. I suppose because we are patients we have such comfortable quarters. We are now anchored in Malta harbor and have had a most pleasant trip from Salonika. not one cough minute. We have no idea what is going to happen us next but rather expect we will have to change boats for England.

Love to all.
Lena A. Davis.

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