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Olive Gray (daughter)
John Gray

My Dear Olive.

I have just been reading your last nice long letter and it is a very nice letter too. It is the one with the page of poetry about the daisies and it also tells me about your progress at school and about Mrs. Floyd sending over all that nice lot of ice cream and raspberries. That was very good of her wasn’t it. I wish I had been there to have some. You are lucky children. The little boys and girls over here dont get ice cream. I don’t think they get it in England either.

Thanks very much for the pictures you painted and the funny little kewpies. I am very pleased with your letters.

You say the parcel has not come yet but it will be there by now and long before you get this letter.

What do you think I got in my parcel? Some jolly nice cookies and ginger snaps, and funny little cookie which Harvey made all himself and sent to his daddy and I ate it all up myself and it was very nice. Ill have to write him a letter to himself next time.

I wont have time to write to Mama to night but you tell her that I was glad to get her long cheerful letter and very glad she feels better. I will enclose some others letters which she may like to read and some photos which she better put with the other Chicksands ones. Now my dear Olive. Good night and love and kisses to you all.


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Original Scans