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Date: July 29th 1918
Harold Dean

No 4 Co 17 Billet
Upper Norwood
July 29 1918

Dear Mother:

Another week has gone and a new one begun. This past week has been very quiet here and as for weather it has rained every day. I did not get any mail from home this past six days and I cannot think where the parcels etc have got to. One paper including funny paper and Onward is the only things I have received since I last wrote. I have been expecting a call away to work every day since last Monday but it has not come. I dont know what part of these Isles I shall have to go to as some Home Service Company’s have refused Malaria Cases on account of them being run down and weak a lot of the time. I am not like that now though and have been feeling good since I left the East. In S. Africa especially I gained in weight and lost the pale, yellow look I had. The fellows here say I am looking better every day and I dont really feel very unfit unless I do a hard days work which is not very often.

I have not seen Frank or any of the other boys but Rollie yet but will try and make connections with some as soon as I can. I dont know Frank’s number yet so I cannot write him. If I could get in touch with him I might find out when he will be up around this way as it is hard for me to get down there now. In fact they wont let me have any leave at present.

I was up in London yesterday afternoon and evening but the Forestry headquarters etc were closed so I could not see Manzer. I will drop him a line and find out where he is billeted

Well Mother I will Bye Bye for this time With lots of love to all

Your loving son

[postscript added later by a different writer to the back of the last page: “We found this letter and card at the door when we came from Grandma’s this afternoon. Mary”]

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