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Date: January 27th 1919
George Reekie

Jan 27/19

Dear Aunties.

It aint very long since I wrote to you folks but I got that box since and there is always a letter coming to any one that sends me a box.

We have made the first move on our return journey it was an awful trip. twenty four hours in a box car with a brazer full of smoke we got of at [?] and walked about seven kilos to this place I dont know the name of it but hope we soon make another move for it has been cold since we got here and this place is a big shatoo or summer house with a water heating system that was meant for summer, and after leaving the homes we had in Germany it is tough luck, on us, but we are all pretty chearfull and hopefull of getting another move to blighty in a very few days.

by the time this gets over there we will be in England or better still on the boat, and if thing go on the way they are now we are going back as units and our battalion goes to Winnipeg if we want to get our discharge any place else we have to get transferred to a battalion that comes from that M.D., so I will be going right through but will try and get back that way very soon. I don’t intend to do much work for some time or not until I see all my friends any how.

It snowed all day yesterday and most of the night this morning there was about six inches of it but the sun has been shining most of the day and if it is as good tomorrow there wont be much left.

I had a letter from the Waterers they had got my address from you and they wanted me to be sure and come to see them but I dont know how I can for I will only get six or seven days at the most and I just have to go back to Edinburgh and maybe to moorebattle it depends which camp we go to whether I see them or not, if we are at Shornecliffe that aint far and I will run away some night and see them any how.

This is all I have time for just now so will thank you very much for the box and hope to see you soon

Yours as ever.
Geo A Reekie.

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