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Date: November 1st 1918
George Reekie

Nov. 1. 1918

Dear Aunties

I received your very welcome letter today and I thought I had better answer now for if I put it off it maybe weeks befor I could get at it again we never know in this country just what is coming next and where it may stop.

You seem to be buisy over there building up your old house there is lots of people over here just as buisy and have a lot more to do. but I hope your house never gets as bad as some I have seen.

You will have every thing fixed up pretty swell by the time I get back there I will go to see you if I get time I dont think I will be very buisy for a while any how and maybe I will have a chance to visit some of my relations

I am sorry to hear that Florance had not got my letter yet I wrote along time ago and was just thinking there should be one from her pretty soon. I only got one from her so she cannt blam me so much. after all for I always try to keep up with my correspondence, but some times I have to go some to catch up. I had fifteen once not long ago and just got caught up the day before yesterday and I got one this last three days so have to write at least one today and two tomorrow and the rest on sunday.

You said I didnt tell you who I went to see in Scotland. I thought I did but I am such a poor had at telling about anything that it is quite likly I forgot. I was at the Wyburns and the girls took me to see the Browns at m[?] Burrow one night and they were real pleased to see me he took me through the factory but it was not going he was working on a patent to make paper out of straw he had it nearly ready to work. and gave me a sheet of paper made out of it I wrote a letter home on it and had enough left to write another but I carried it in my pocket so long it got dirty and I left it in blighty. it is a pretty good place to be for the duration but it might last along time if every body stayed there.

I had a letter from Crissie Wyburn not long ago they were all well and she was buisy in the factory for the army and navy. So she didnt write very much.

They fead me like a prince while I was there but I couldn’t get filled up I eat at every eating place I passed until the last day I was there I eat so much I was sick for a day or two after I came back maybe it was the change of cooks I don’t know what else it could be.

I dont know if you have my new address or not but I will send it again if I did Geo. A. Reekie 2129198, 27th Batt. B.E.S. Canadians France. we get our mail pretty good and I have bean lucky getting my parcels they come through pretty near as soon as a letter. and believe me they are a very nice thing to git a fellow can just sit down and eat it all at once it tastes so good as we dont get any cackes over here only [buiscuit] not much better than hard tack and that aint very tempting.

The last word I had from home they were nearly through thrashing only one more job and every thing was going fine I am surprised for I had been running it so long I hardly thought it could go without me but John was blowing the whistle and maybe she didnt notice the difference.

I had heard of the weddings before and am afraid if I don’t get back soon I will have to take one back with me for there wont be one left.
Will write to florance soon.
Hope you are all well.


[postscript added to top of third page:] I will send a picture of the five of us that left at the same time we had it taken in blighty Jack Buick is on it I don’t know if we are alowed to send it or not but it is getting broken in my pocket.

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