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Date: March 20th 1919
Harold Dean

March 20 1919

Dear Mother:-

Yes, still in England and Roy will not meet me in the vicinity of the Rockies for a month at any rate. I am here in the hut quarantined on account of measles, have been for three days and we have another fifteen to do. It is a simple thing to hold troops up for but it cannot be helped. I don’t suppose I can get away from England now before April 10th or 15th at the earliest. Cheer up Mother I will be home for Xmas for sure.

I received a letter from you this morning dated February 16th also one from Mary written from Yennadon Feb 19th. These are the first I received from B.C. for two weeks. The mailed goes to Parkhurst and the boys send it right across to me. It only makes one day difference.

Mary seems to be having a lively time going to dances all over the country. She surely dont expect me to travel around with her when I get back, I go to bed a night at a respectable hour since joining the army. Always figure on 9 or 10 hours sleep at night and another two or three in the day. If I go to work again I will have to cut out the day time performance. I could not stand hours like I used to keep when I was home. The last girl I called on here in Eng. always retires at ten so I kept early hours even when I was with her. I suppose you can’t picture me in bed at night but nevertheless it is true.

I am sorry to hear of so many deaths at home. Mrs. Goulet’s for instance was an awful surprise to me. I won’t realize how many are missing till I get settled down at home again.

You mentioned Grandma and Grandpa in your letter, being down for dinner. I am glad to know they are still hearty and able to do the rounds as per usual.

 So Ruth is run down again, I haven’t had a letter from her for a long time now, I don’t know what has happened to her. I wrote to her yesterday.

The weather here has not been very bad for a week up till yesterday when the rain started again. Last night it snowed but it is nearly all gone again now. It looks cloudy though and I guess we are in for another month’s rain.

Well Mother dear I will ring off for now with lots of love and good wishes to all I am

Your loving son

P.S. Tell Dad to cheer up I will have a talk with him about the time of his birthday if I am lucky. Had.

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