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Date: January 4th 1919
Harold Dean

Milton of Campsie
January 4 1919

Dear Mother-

Here is the New Year and I have not written home for two weeks. Why I have not done so I cannot say but it has been a very busy time in camp Xmas and New Year’s eve. New Year’s Day I came north and here I am settled down right at home and I never saw the people until two days ago. But I am right at home here nevertheless and  I guess the folk will be getting tired of me loafing around here. I am at a nice little home among the hills about ten miles from Glasgow. There is a large hill just behind the house capped with snow, although there is no snow on the ground here below, a nice little lake just off on the left. The ground slopes away from the front of the house and there is a large mansion sort of a place some hundred yards or so below the front door. The people I am staying with work at the big place, the man of the house is chauffeur and one of the boys is a gardner. The girls and other boys work in Glasgow when they are not in the army. It is certainly a quiet spot but a lovely place to spend a holiday nevertheless. The frosty air feels fine during the day and night but to tell you the truth I don’t know what it feels like in the early morning.

I am getting to like the Scoth people more and more I think if I spend two or three more leaves here I will settle down for good in this country. Newport at the Isle of Wight is as good to me as I had a fine time between Xmas and New Year. A young lady asked me to her home to a New Year Eve party and I had a fine time although I knew no one before I went there. I may say I felt quite at home though before the evening was gone (about two a.m.)

Up here in Scotland I have been on the same game as I was out last evening to a supper and dance at the big house here. It was really the servants annual dinner but I came in on it as well. The lady of the house came down to say a few words along with her two daughters and three granddaughters. She asked about me and I was presented to the lot of them and had quite a chat. She also asked Mr Mackay this morning if I was feeling alright after the evenings enjoyment. I am watching my step on this society and titled stuff though because the granddaughters are not good enough looking to suit me and fancy clothes do not go far.

Well Mother I recd two letters from you the other day one of Dec 1st and one Dec 8th. I suppose Rollie and Roy will be home by the time you get this as I wrote to Rollie some time ago and did not get an answer so I suppose he has gone from this country. I told you in my last letter of cancelling my allotment from the 27th Dec. Don’t forget to tell Mary to send along an a/c of all the money you have rec’d from the first and let me know from time to time when you receive further amounts. I want to know when I am square with this outfit. I have got all that is coming to me on my share and a little more but I want to know about your half of the question.

Well Mother I will close this note for now as I am short of news. One of the girls here is working as well as Mother the other is laying in an armchair Mary’s style. There are having the week off following the New Year. Both of them are dress makers one about 25 years of age and the other is 20 yrs. Ask Mary how she would like to see me with the younger one in New West. The girl wants to come out west because her grandfather and some other relatives live on Vanc. Island. I am going to see them when I get home.

I was asked by Duncan Ross to call on his people if I was ever in Glasgow. Now I have never heard him mentioned lately in any of your letters. I am at a disadvantage as far as going is concerned because I don’t know what has happened to him or them this past three years. Nevertheless I am going to see them in a couple of days if everything is O.K.

Well Mother I must close for now as I am out of breath for news. I am feeling O.K. in this north country and I have not frozen yet. Bye Bye for this time with loads of love and good wishes to all.

Your loving son

P.S. The snaps were O.K. but how about Mary and Charlotte. Roll them up ma. H.

I have to quit now as I had to borrow at lease beg this paper and the young lady is looking hard at me for using so much of it. She must be Scotch, eh? H.

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