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Date: December 10th 1918
Harold Dean

Dec 10/18

Dear Mother:-

Late this week but it seems it could not be helped. I have landed back from Devonshire O.K. and am once more settled down. The next move is going to be a twelve days leave that is coming off in January. I think I am starting it on the 2nd just after New Year. I could have got leave for Xmas but I might just as well stay and work and let some other fellow go who can get home for the Festive season. I can have a Xmas any day if I have the cash. I may cable home for some but if I do you will have rec’d the wire before you get this letter

If I do go on leave the 2nd of January I am going to Glasgow to visit an army acquaintance who is now back in civilian life. He wrote me the other day and said I must come as he would accept no excuse. Very good of him I think.

I received several letters this last couple of days. One from you Nov 10th with an enclosure from Osborn and one of Nov 3rd with an enclosure from Charlotte Thank them for remembering me. One from Mary dated Aug 1st which had been returned and she re-mailed it and two from Ruth. Let me explain right now I have been kicking around so much lately I did not send any photos or Xmas Cards as I intended. I will explain you all the reason for such neglect when I get home, not before. If I had sent one I would have to send 50 so I cannot do it at this stage of the game. Give all the relatives my best regards and I will tell them why I neglected them next summer when I arrive. I fully intended to do the job in Nov. but circumstances would not permit.

There is nothing much to answer in your letters so I will just pass them up. We have had rotten weather this past two or three weeks but I suppose we have to expect it now as it is winter time. I don’t know what kind of a Xmas dinner I am going to get this year as I will be here with the Batt Xmas Day. I guess we will have something pretty nice though if money can buy it. Might just as well live as not now the war is over. I suppose the Batt will give us some show of a spread. Well Mother I must close for this time as I am out of wind and kind of sleepy. Best of wishes for the New Year to all and loads of love I am

Your loving son

P.S. I am in the best of condition if it is health you are thinking of. H.

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