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Date: December 14th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
December 14 1917

Dear Mother:

Time flies so it does not seem any time since I wrote you but it has been 10 days. During that time I received one letter from Mary which has been delayed somewhere as I have received later ones ahead of it. This letter described her first day of Normal school. There was also one from you in the same envelope telling me of how you were taking dancing lessons and buying shares in moving picture houses. But I dont blame you a bit Mother, I did the same myself once when I was young. You seemed to enjoy your holidays at any rate and that’s the main thing

Things seem to be right side up at home yet but we need conscription in Canada Mother. It takes a lot of men to keep up the Canadians end of it and we can’t let it drop as some Colonials are doing.

Did I tell you in my last letter about getting a nice long letter from Roy G. when he was in England I am going to answer that letter this week if possible. We have had a few particulars of a big fire at Halifax but it is not very clear. It seems there has been a very big disaster there with big loss of life and destroying nearly everything.

The weather here is very warm at present although yesterday was a close, wet dark day. We get very little rain here however to what they are getting in the surrounding districts.

Well Mother I have no news to tell you so I had better close this little note I am in good health and hope this finds everyone at home in the same conditions. Well say Bye Bye with lots of love to all

Your loving son

P.S. How are all the new relatives getting on. H.

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