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Date: June 25th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
June 25/17

Dear Mother:

Just a line to let you know I got some mail at last six letters at that. Even Roy G., and Kelly comes in on this list the first one I ever received from Frank although he says he has written half a dozen I got one from you under date of March 25th mailed April 7th (by the way you needn’t hold any letters over from one week to the other just mail a short one and then I get all the more and oftener) which had the card from the insurance people enclosed, one dated March 18 with Mary’s letter of same date one of Feb 25th with enclosures from Osborne, Roberta and Slim. I see Slim is getting on well in school as he writes good for a kid. I hope he is as smart as I was but he had better keep it up longer.

You and Mary should not collide in your letters so nicely. Mary says Mother will have told you and Mother says Mary wrote you all the news. Sometimes I dont, get only a slight puzzling idea of what you refer to.

I see by this slip of paper from the Imperial Paymaster we lose a few cents every month but enough in a year to buy a pair of gloves anyway

In my last letter I inquired where Dr. Green was but I see by your letter he is home again I never heard or wrote to Dr Lamont as you supposed as he is an officer its up to him to make a break.

I see by the letter where Mr Penna, the man who is visiting you folks at home, spoke in the church. What is he a preacher or something? Thats the only idea I can gather from your letters.

Mary’s letter is full of studying and etc but I see the boys figure a lot in it. She had better cut them out [writting changes to pencil] (My pen wont work so here is next best) and study altogether tell the holidays although I suppose they will be over by the time you get this letter.

Well Mother I will have to close for now as I have no news except that I am well and hope you are all the same Bye Bye with love to all


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