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Date: June 12th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
June 12/17

Dear Mother:-

Another week has flown and I have not received any mail. There was a Canadian mail in early last week and a parcel mail last Saturday and I think everyone but me got something. Gleeson was lucky this time besides letters and papers he got four parcels.

I suppose mine will be along in another week or two so I’ll have to wait for a few days. We are having fine weather down here but it gets tiresome as it is too warm to be comfortable when your moving around. Driving is not too bad as the motion of the car creates some breeze anyway.

I see by the boards the western European front is doing well. I hope they bring it too a finish before the boys are all finished. I have not had a Columbian for quite a while but I suppose every day claims one or two more of our B.C. boys. I have not heard from Howard Adamson, Wally, Alex Wadsworth or any of the boys for a long time so I dont know where they are or what they are doing. I suppose Rollie and Roy will be away at the front by now and will be soon sending interesting letters.

I can never remember where Dr Green and Elwood Kent are If you can find out let me know so I can keep on the lookout for them if I happen to move their way. I think that hospital is somewhere other than France but where I cant remember.

In a new bunch which arrived here about a month ago was a Victoria boy that had been to France, wounded and sent to England and then out here. He was in the barracks in Vancouver the same time I was.

Well Mother I have nothing more to write about so had better close for now. I am in the best of health and hoping you at home are all the same I send lots of love to all.

Your son

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