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Date: May 14th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
May 14th 1917

Dear Mother:-

I did not get a chance to write yesterday and perhaps it is just as well as I do not have to repeat the old story of “no mail” this time as I got four letters this morning about 8.30.

I got your letter of Feb 4th with Aunt Ethel’s letter enclosed, one from Clara under date of Jan 21 and two Feb letters from Meritt. In your letter you speak of the Christmas box and other things but no doubt before now you have had my letters in answer to it also have rec’d my answer to Dad’s letter. In regard to the part of waiting for me to get to England I might say I am still here and expect to be for some time. We got several reports as to leaving here which started last August and are still going around but I dont pay any more attention to them. A couple of Canadian boys and some English fellows were invalided home to England got ten days leave and had to come back here so I guess I better try and stay here till things are finished.

According to Aunt Ethels letter she must be some size still ([?]) I guess the winter must have agreed with her all right.

I will try and drop a note to Jessie Maynell in regard to that girl of hers to see if she is thinking of me or not by using that name. That makes two girls for Jess I guess she had better start the boys now. You had better tell her in case I dont write.

I am sorry to hear that Aunt Dell is in trouble with mumps but I suppose it is all in a life time and it could be worse than mumps at that.

I dont suppose I know Aunt Julia and her husband but if she stays in new West long enough I may be able to persuade her not to move to East Africa for a health resort

In regard to that lot at Cresent just suit yourselves. If you think it’s a good buy and can get enough money buy it and build the house. I havent sent that $100 home yet but I will do so if I can.

The money may as well be invested as anything else I know of. By the way do you ever get my allotment nowadays

I got your birthday card OK also got one of Claras photo’s which were both nice. I think that Christmas card I got before was a very nice verse though.

Well Mother I must close now as I have nothing else to write about We still get a shower down here but not nearly so much rain now. I am feeling fine and am looking good too so the boys say. Hoping you are all well at home I will close with lots of love to all.

Your loving son

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