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Date: April 15th 1917
Harold Dean

German East
April 15th, 1917

Dear Mother:

Another Sunday here and nothing of importance to write. I wrote a letter to Dad two or three days ago and of this one makes connections I suppose they will be home together. It is still raining down here and I expect it will keep on raining for another twenty days. I have hit a soft job now, the first since I have been in the country driving a Captain who is at present O.C. of our company. He does not do much running about with the car but travels on the railroad about half the time. We are well fitted up with new tents and beds up off the ground.

There are ten of us Canadians at this base at present and we are all within a short distance of each other. We are together nearly every day at some time or other. Pop Gleeson is here with us still as well as ever. The other boys are all from Winnipeg or east of that.

I am feeling fine lately in fact every one says I am getting fat. Of course fat does not mean any thing out of the ordinary but simply not thinner than usual. We get very good scoff here now, plenty of vegetables a thing which has been very scarce in this country.

Well Mother dear I having nothing more to say so I will have to close for now with lots of love to all my friends and relatives and plenty for yourself


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