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Date: April 7th 1917
Harold Dean

April 7 1917

Dear Mother:-

I fully expected to get a birthday present when I saw a mail bag arrive this morning for our company but as per usual there was none of any kind for me. All the other boys got letters and papers and I suppose mine went up to the other base camp where I used to be. “Pop” Gleeson got a letter from his mother (in New West at the time she wrote it) who said she had seen you and you were still waiting for a letter. I believe Pop said the letter was Jan 18/17.

Apr 8/17
Well Mother I was called away yesterday so I could not finish my letter. This is Easter Sunday and a rainy morning after a rainy night. I took the minister out this morning at 8 am to hold service with a regiment about two miles out but owning to bridges being washed away we could not get there even on foot so had to return again I dont know just what I will have to do this p.m. but will probably be at service tonight.

Since I came down here I have been able to get to a service but before that on the track we very seldom was anywhere near a minister.

Well Mother since I last wrote I have not heard any news of any kind regarding us but I have heard of America’s declaration of War and of the advances in France and Alsace Loraine.

Well Mother as I have no more news I guess I will close for now. Say, do you ever get any [“money from my pay” has been blacked out by pencil] I have not got a letter mentioning any since you wrote of receiving your first amount If you happen to receive [“any extra” blacked out] amount of about [$100.00 blacked out] dont be surprised as I am going to send that amount the first chance I get. This will be some of the money I havent drawn and spent out of my half the pay. At present they owe me over $150 so I will try and send $100. Well I will say Good Bye Mother with lots of love to all


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