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Date: October 22nd 1916
Harold Dean

Sunday October 22 1916

 Dear Mother:

 When I think of the date and how long this letter will be reaching you I begin to think you will receive it near Christmas and no doubt the weather will be cold but it gets hotter every day here. I have not been on the road today yet and I don’t expect we will have to move at all. I suppose you would say it’s a good chance for a wash up and a rest but things are different here on holidays. Just get breakfast and take your tools and crawl under the car or pull down your engine and get ready to start on the road the next day. However my old Packard is lined up ready so I just sat down to write another expistle. I haven’t received and mailed for nearly a month now and I suppose you get tired reading my letters with the same old story of no mail here. I get a few letters answer them and then have to write two or three times before I get a look at another batch. Mail service down here is rotten anyway. Our convoy of 14 trucks went down the main road 150 miles and brought up a full load each, hundreds of bags of mail that had been lying there four months because they could get no transportation and I may say we brought only about one third of what was piled up down there.

 But we plug along day after day and keep our eyes open for plenty to eat and a good time so time goes very quickly

 Well Mother I must close for now and get this started as I must pull out at 3pm today and when we do we will make a good try to get 35 miles tonight for camp so I must look the old bus over again and clean up the body of the truck.

 Well Bye Bye Mother dear with lots of love to all from



Havent heard any more news about our leaving this country so I expect we will have Christmas here.  Har

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