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Date: April 4th 1916
Harold Dean

At Sea
Tuesday April 4/16

Dear Mother;

Well we are still sailing along on the deep. We have had the best of weather all along. It was very hot for about a week but now it is cool again. When it was warm we had awnings to cover the ship which made it fairly cool in the day time and at night a good many of us slept right on deck. Now however we are sleeping down below again in our hammocks The boys have been annoculated a couple of times on board here but I had mine before I left England so I am feeling fine all the way. Despite the fact that we are out on the ocean there is times when the sea is as smooth as it is down at Crescent on a calm night. This trip has not seemed any longer to me than crossing to England, I guess its because we have such a good time on board and the weather is so fine.

We had a meeting of sports last week. All the companys on board the ship entered. We had such sports as Tug of War, obstacle races, slinging the monkey, turtle pull cock fighting, chalking the pigs eye. I am glad to say the most of these were won by boys of our company One Victoria boy at our table won 3 firsts and a second. The Canadians done pretty well all through the sports.

I cant tell you very much about this trip now as I am not allowed to but some day I will tell you all about it, I just write a letter to let you know that I am hale and hearty yet although we have been travelling some since I saw you last.

If you are mailing some things send me some “fruitatives.” I want some underwear but dont bother with any because I can buy it cheap down here. I have still got about eight handkerchiefs out of twelve so I guess I must be taking care of them. If there is any thing I need after I land I will write and let you know. Tell all the folks I promised to write to that I am not settled yet but for them to send along some news and I will answer their letters I just remembered I have a birthday Friday, I dont think there will be much of a time this year. Tell Grandma, Aunt Lottie, Aunt Em and Dell that I dont forget that they are in New W. but I cant write much now and send only a letter once in awhile to home. However if I cant write now I tell you when I get back about the country. I hope dad and the kids are all right. I havent had a letter yet so I dont know what is happening. Is Dad working lately at all. Do you get my allowance yet and what is happening around home. These are what I would like to know soon as I can get word. However I will say Good Bye for a week or so.

With lots of love to all

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