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Date: March 5th 1916
Harold Dean

March 5/16

Dear Mother,

As I ran short of notepaper I had to scratch around and it happened I found a few sheets of this Y.M. paper I got at Durbay when I was on my way down here.

I am still working on the Fords and it looks as if I will be with them for a while yet as the roads will not be fit for heavy cars until May when the rainy season is finished. It is rather tire some on the small cars as you have to do more mileage than the big ones and the mud is awful when it rains. Of course the sun is so hot it dries things up if we have two days without rain.

The fruit is coming around again now and oranges and bananas are plentiful and very good. As these are fairly cheap we eat quite a number in course of a week or so.

We have a Y.M.C.A. near here now and I am able to get a little change of food such as tinned fruit, beans, herrings salmon and sauces and pickles, also soaps tooth paste and other useful articles.

I got a parcel about a week ago the one in a biscuit pail with socks, hdfs, cake nut bar, chewing gum, shaving soap etc. This parcel was in splendid condition and the cake and cookies etc were as fresh as the day they were made. I have had no letters for a long while but I suppose they will come in a bunch some of these days. I forgot to mention the Maple Leaves which were fine and as pretty as could be. Will you thank Aunt Dell and Rufis etc for the articles in that parcel as I have no time to write except as at present sitting in my Ford with a bum lantern on a can and my paper on my knee. We got good news from Europe the other day and everybody was happy for awhile and wondering when the finish would come.

However I expect it will wind up soon and the boys will be home again but many of the bunch will be missing.

Well Mother dear I have nothing else to write now but perhaps if I get a letter in the next month I will have some to answer I will have to close now I might add I am well and feeling good although warm at times

Give my love to all and my best regards to any that don’t need love such as Ethel Richardson and Kathleen Malley. I will say Good night

With lots of love

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