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Date: July 8th 1918

8 . 7 . 18

My darling girl

Got two letters from you this afternoon, have been feeling like a bear with a sore head the last two days not having received a letter from you in fact was so mad that I guess I havn't written for 4 or 5 days which is very unusual for me, now look here kid if you want letters regularly from me you must write regularly, I hate writing when I have had no letter.

Was glad to hear Janet had been to see you as you say she is nice & jolly & as genuine as they make them. It sure must be nice to have such a fine girl as you have got, I hope you'll be able to keep her.

You havn't for heaven knows how long told me how Eric's hair is getting on, I hope that the "little bit of fluff" you saw is signs of growth.

Delighted to know mother was having such a good time with you, I got a letter from her yesterday written from the Rookeries saying what a good time she was having. Am glad to hear Gwladys enjoyed her trip to Conway it would be a nice change for her.

Sure let Frank go to Camp it would do him a world of good especially as his chums are going.

Takes you 5 minutes to go to Mold on your bicycle eh? how long does it take you to come back, I'll bet there's some puffing & panting when you ride those hills, or do you walk them all.

Bye the bye girl send me some writing paper in
[rest missing]