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Date: December 26th 1916
Jack Hawkes
Wilfred Hawkes

26 Dec. 1916

My dear Jack

I was very pleased to get your nice letter today. It took sixty days and nights to come to me, so you see, I am a long way away, over the sea which is as blue as the water mamma uses when she washes the clothes. I am in hospital, and I wear blue trousers and coat, with a red tie, but when I am well, and I have my gun I wear a short frock like a very little boy or girl (althro' I am a big man) I am so glad Daddy has got a new gramaphone. I am sure you like it. I hope you and Bob,and Kathleen had a jolly time at Christmas. Did you have some nice things in your stocking? I had some sweets, nuts, an orange, some apples and some cigarettes, and ever such a nice dinner-some turkey, plum pudding and some jelly. So you see I was happy too. I was thinking of you, though I have never seen you, have I? I hope to some day. You write such nice letters that I hope you will be able to write to me again soon. You often write to Graudina don't you; and she is so pleased soon. I am going up the hills where the big guns are roaring, and perhaps I shall be able to tell you some more about it one day.

With love from your uncle

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Original Scans