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Date: March 3rd 1918
William & Georgina Mercer
Richard Mercer

[transcription and footnotes have been provided by the collection donor]

Mch 3rd 1918[204]

Dear Father & Mother:-

Was very pleased to receive your two letters dated Jan 19 & 22. I got them while in the line[205] a few days ago but we are out for a few days rest at present. I think it must be about a week since I wrote you. Am getting along fine. I suppose by this time you will have heard from Halsalls[206], Jones & Uncle telling you about my seeing them. We have been having lovely weather up till to-day and it is raining and awful cold. Have not heard from Walter for a long time. The last time he wrote me he said he was expecting to go on leave. I think he is quite alright though. I hear now that all the men who have taken up a years medicine[207] are going back to Canada to finish their training. I don't know if Walter will go or not. I only wish I had taken it. Will write again very soon.

Your Loving Son
911016 R.W. Mercer

[204] A few days before, the Borden war diary notes on 28 February 1918 the weather was Fine in the Verdrel/Vimy Ridge area of France. 
"As arranged, Lieut.-Col. F.A. Wilkins, M.C. O.C. Canadian Corps Motor M.G. Brigade and Major W.F. Battersby, M.C. met Capt. W.C. Nicholson, M.C. at T.3.6 Emplacement, after inspecting the Emplacement, instructions were given that it should be reconstructed flush with the ground making it necessary for gun to be fired from the top of the emplacement, it was found to be under ground observations." So Pte. Richard W. Mercer was probably busy de-constructing a lot of recently completed work and starting over.
[205] Pte. Mercer is in the Verdrel area of France and in the Vimy Ridge sector.
[206] This is Bess Halsalls from the Liverpool area, a very good friend of Georgina Mercer. Bess sent several packages to Pte. Mercer and he also stayed with them, or visited with them while on military leave.
[207] Pte. Walter Wylie had completed his first year of Medicine prior to enlisting. After the Great War he completed his medical degree and later moved to Ontario to practice. The whereabouts of the Wylie family descendents are unknown at this time.