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Date: August 23rd 1918
Frank Davidson

Corp. Frank Davidson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Davidson, Hamilton Township wrote his sister as follows on July 14th, 1918 from France:

Yours of June 1st to hand to-day and as per usual very glad to hear from you at home. I am feeling fine and the weather has been very good lately, and we have not been so very busy. I guess old Fritz is afraid of our end of the line, so you see it pays sometime to have a hard name. Sorry to hear about Ed Howell and Tim H. but that is a thing we get hardened to out here and don't think much about. I ran into an old Cobourg boy the other day, CECIL CLARKE. He used to be in Field Bros. store, so we had a big time comparing notes. I also hear from Cobourg very regular, so I still get some news from both my homes, but I sure would like to make a trip home this year, as it is nearly three years since I left and I have been over two years in France, and while there never out of hearing of the guns, so you cannot wonder at our getting tired of the awful game.

It is hard to make news as there is very little one can write about. By the way, just tell DON. W. he could write a line once in a while and I might get a chance to write back. Also I guess my circle of friends will (line missing in story as printed) again, what with youngsters growing up and the older folks passing away. Well, be of good cheer. I am living in hopes that we finish this job this year and then home again to the best country in the world. Are any of our cousins in the American Army? I might run across them some day. Well, best of love to all and write when you can.