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Date: October 29th 1917
Mr. Benjamin Hill, (Charles' father)
Gilbert McAll

Boissevain, Man
Oct 29. 17

Dr. Mr. Hill

It would be wholly wrong for me to allow the present moment to pass without expressing to you and the family my kindest and truest sympathy, and I feel I can perhaps do so better in a letter than in a formal visit

I knew Charlie well and I am not ashamed to say I loved and respected him. All the time he was with me in the Boy Scouts, I never had for one moment any doubt or difficulty in his case. His conduct towards myself was without reproach. He was always a bright young Christian gentleman and as I loved him so did Jesus love him too and nothing could ever separate him from the love of Christ. I had many quiet earnest conversations with him unknown to others, and in those conversations he expressed his finer feelings very frankly

All boys are reticent about religious matters but I know he was a true admirer of the life and work of Christ and now the dear lad is gone. He has paid the full price but the Kind Saviour will not be ashamed of his young servant. I held Charlie, Merle, Fred, Walter in special honour and I rejoice now in the thought that since these and other boys have left us I have never once forgotten to name them in any evening prayer asking for not only to protect them but to lead them into the true light of faith and love to him. Tonight for the first time I shall have to omit his name but I will thank God for all the dear lad’s kindness and love. These are dark days but there is surely to faith a brighter future.

I mourn when I see these noble boys called away the very flower of our Country’s young manhood. May we be worthy to carry on the warfare they have laid down for freedom and righteousness

Believe Me
Yours Sincerely
Gilbert McAll

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