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Date: 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

F Latham P/O
J41740 (note the number)
#3 O.T.U.
Patricia Bay B.C.

Dearest Jeanie.-

Received your card and not to-day. I had thought for awhile you had even forgotten to write and the card is so very nice. I signed over $70.00 per month of my pay to-day so I guess you will just have to wait now until you receive it? I was thinking of getting you a 500 dollar bond instead but I guess you will need the money with your troubles I spent easter sunday with Aurthur a couple of his bags picked us up in the afternoon in their car and took us for a drive, we had supper at the hotel (turkey & whatnot) then they drove me back to the station and I had them into the mess for awhile for a couple of beers and so ended another day. We spend so much time at sea now I am beginning to think have joined the navy not the airforce we make all our landings and take offs on the sea, moor our aircraft, and come ashore in launches. Well darling I only have five more weeks here after this one and I’ll be home again for two weeks any way. I wouldn’t mind going to the east coast now (I guess my feet are getting itchy again) although this would be a lovely place to settle in after the war. Its a funny thing but my watch has been keeping perfect time since I’ve been out here the air must agree with it. I hope the children had a nice easter and darling you never give me a hint what Dennis wants for his birthday (a train is definitely out) toys are scarcer here than on the prairies! Well my love I must close for now and have a shower and go to bed I have a hard day to-morrow I will sure be glad to get off this course its pretty strenuous alot of ground school and a lot of flying just isnt easy. so good bye for now

Love & kisses

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Original Scans