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Date: December 12th 1944
Frank Latham
Jean Latham

Suite 7 Victoria Blk
Moose Jaw Sask
Dec. 12th 1944

My Darling:

I received your mail of 25th  and 27, Dec. 11 I can only say I hope by now some of my mail has reached you its not because I don’t write to you because I do several times a week. The weather is still grand, I am afraid I can’t feel very enthused about Xmas this year either, its not much pleasure without you, I guess we will really celebrate when you come home. I haven’t been [?] very much lately, yesterday I went Xmas shopping with a lady, we had supper down town and I eventually struggled home with the kids around 9.30. To-day was [?] again, Dennis went to the show with your parents and had supper there, I made supper for Pearl had to get Barbara shoes again size 3 she really is going to be a big girl a friend of mine took me out to the cemetary in his car the other day, I so often wish the baby could have stayed with us I get so dreadfully fed up but never mind father I’m going to have another one some time, (perhaps you don’t agree on that but we’ll see.) I bought Barbara Annis stationary, Jackie a necktie I hope that is okay, the [?] terrible down town so I’m [?] Frank I wonder if I should write to others in regard to your sixth V.h. hand I have never received it and Mrs. Roach has already received her seventh bought by her son overseas. Write and let me know what you want me to do. Well my darling news is scarce but I sure do miss you I haven’t been anywhere I am just waiting for you to come home to take me out so don’t make it too long. Bowled 220 144 and 56 to-day consistent not much.

Love & Kisses

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Original Scans