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Date: August 13th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

P/O FW Latham
J41740 C.A.P.O. #5
R.C.A.F. Overseas
Aug 13/44

Dearest Jeanie.-                    

I am sending this airmail so you will probably get it before the last letter I wrote I sent it by rail I didn’t know then there was airmail service out of here. What a country liquor is cheaper than water and cigarettes are two packages of 25 for fifteen cents a rum and coke a whole tumbler full is 10¢ (I never got so drunk so cheap in all my life as I did last nite!) but jesus do the civilians ever starve to death milk 40¢ a quart eggs $1.25 a day etc. all down the list. Darling what size film do you want they never heard of rationing in St. Johns they even have 50¢ pieces and four dollar bills I am having a necklace made for you out of newfie! Nickels it should be ready for your birthday? (you are getting pretty old aren’t you?) I met I am McKenzie in a joint in St. Johns he is in the navy. (I used to go to sandy island swimming with him all the time he lived on 3rd Ave.) he hasn’t written his wife for six months she is running around in Trail (fickle like most women) I think we will be leaving here about next Tuesday for Goose Bay. We run up to Baffin Land and Iceland from there. We have put in for our semi annual leave we will get it in Sept. Or October and I will sure be home So don’t let me hear of you running around with any body or I’ll shoot the both of you (and I have the gun that will do it.) There is bugger all to do here in your spare time but get drunk my hand is shaky after last mite that demon rum is sure a powerful drink. There is about 10% of the people here (Englishmen from the old country) have all the money and the rest of the people have nothing just live on fish and rum. Young Bob Stewart came in last mile from Gaspé he is with 161 sqdn. They have leigh lites on their air crafts (we got our commissions to-gether at Lethbridge) Well darling I guess I had better close now and write mother a note I could tell you things about this place forever so I guess I had better sign off so my love to you all

Love & kisses

P.S. the initials on the envelope shows I have censored this letter

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