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Date: July 28th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

P/O FW Latham
J41740 160 Sqdn.
Yarmouth N.S.

Dearest Jeanie.-

I received the letter you wrote me to Pat Bay on June 20th to-day. thanks a lot for the two dollars. The weather has been real warm here but we have the damnedest fog you ever saw for the last two days. I have to fly at 5. A.M. in the morning so I must get my beauty sleep I am expecting a letter from you any day now because this is my third one. I guess you haven’t got so long to go now? I’ll sure be happy for you when its all over

There is a rumour our whole squadron is going to be posted back to the west coast, that is where this sqdn. Originated from at sea island just outside of Vanc. And then again you never know where they are going to move you. I would sure never want to live in the east here its pretty hard to beat the west coast. Well my Love I sure hope it’s a boy and have you a name for him yet?

We don’t go into town very often here (there isn’t much there) I went to a dance at the aquatic club last note though it wasn’t too bad but no hell the girls look sort of frowsy. there is an army camp here also an English naval air gunners school so naturally the town is 90% V.D. Well darling must go to bed now write soon

Love and kisses

P.S. dont spend much money here so I’ll send you the 20.00 I owe you pretty soon

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Original Scans