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Date: May 27th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

F Latham P/O
J41740 #3 O.T.U.
Pat Bay, BC.
May 27/44

Dear Jeanie.-

Sorry I havent written sooner but Ive been expecting to leave for Moose Jaw every day it looks as though I have missed my posting I dont know what they are going to do with me now! I have my stuff all packed and ready to go I hope they dont decide to put me on staff here they are moving this station about 2 miles down the road at the end of the week I hope they dont get any funny ideas? I am sure as hell going to get some leave anyway or there will be one hell of a row going on here. but I guess I wont get out of here for awhile (I really dont know so I guess you can write anyway I’ll get the letter somewhere) I hope you and the family are fine I have something very nice for you when I get home, if I dont pretty soon, I’ll send it? I’m feeling swell now I’ve been laying out in the sun all afternoon I’m starting to get quite red. The weather here is beginning to warm up a bit now its been so chilly I guess that is what gave me my cold. Well there isnt much in the way of news so write soon

Love & kisses

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Original Scans