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Date: 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder


My Darling

How are you Dearest one? I am writing small because this is going to be a long long letter. I’ll start with a copy of a letter I did not mail on Friday.

Clan William

I am writing this at Clan William at 9.30 tonight because I am so unutterably lonely away from you my Darling. I guess I have just got to make myself interested in work. I shall be at P.A on Sunday, and shall have an interview with the Provincial Police Inspector on Monday. I hope that he will start me at something right away so that I shall forget my loneliness.

My own dearest Angel Girl I do love you absolutely, not unselfishly, but most selfishly, and [?] the [?] of you soon., the whole world leaves nothing for me. All things, without you are dreary and blank, oh, my own sweet darling I know I shall just feel better by scribbling this on a miserable blank sheet of paper.

I love you, love you, love you, you wonderful angel girl. Are you alright Sweetheart? Did you feel a little sorry when I left you. Dearest, forgive me, if I made you feel a little sorry by going away. I feel that I should shoot off my head rather than cause you a moments sadness. Agda, my love, I shall miss you terribly, but I shall write and find consolation in it, and precious joy in your letters, and Angel there is always the future before us It isn’t going to be such an awful long time. Is it Dearest?

Tell Ma and Dad from me, that I shall never forget their kindness and how good they have been to me. Good night Sweetheart, my own Angel girl. Sweet dreams, my precious pet. I am going to bed now. It is a quarter to ten. I wonder how you are. You will be in bed early tonight but you will think of me and I will think of you. If only our thought could mingle

Good night Sweetheart
Good night, my Darling

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Original Scans