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Date: December 25th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Wakaw. Sask

My Darling Agda Girl.

How are you and what are you doing. Did you think I would write to you today, or did you think I would be having such an uprorious time that I wouldn’t be able to spare a few minutes. Gee why, the excitement of this burgh doesn’t affect my nerves a bit. I am quite alone with a dog that I don’t like a bit. I generally like most any old dog, but this is a Wakaw dog, maybe that’s why I don’t like him.

Yesterday, Xmas Eve, just imagine, I left to investigate a rather horrible thing, and returned on the train in time to have my sumptious Xmas dinner at the chinks. There were five of us there. They had turkey, minced pie and some kind of junk for pudding, a few nuts and oranges. I told “John” that it was a swell dinner, he said “Yes, all nice and klean.” Believe me, this burgh gets my goat, but I can’t help smiling I’ve just got back from supper, there wasn’t a soul there, but John and he was studying English, if you please, on a Xmas Day. I think they are going to have a dance or something up stairs (in the village hall) if the lights will go, (They generally don’t), for I say a few of the young sports sitting on the stairs, smoking cigars, all dressed up in cloths that didn’t fit, with gorgeous colored ties, and rainbow colored colors, most of them with their hair curling over and sticking out about nine inches. They were talking and smelling Galician, so I didn’t stay very long.

When I have finished this I shall read for a while and then go to bed. I was invited out to supper at a Galicians tonight, but that did not exactly appeal to me. Last night I went to midnight mass at an R.C. Church at Domreny The music was quite good, but I did not stay long.

Next Christmas, my wonderful Angel Girl,  we shall spend together Darling won’t we? I think I shall tie a string on you so that I won’t loose sight of you. I suppose you will be having a gay old time at home, with all the kiddies and everybody. [?] will be having the time of her young life. I bet, and I can just [?] you all. I sure would have liked to be with you, but-

Did Father Xmas drop anything in you stocking Peaches? I wonder if he will next year. It’s a funny old world Isn’t it? Well Honey, I don’t know what to say to you now. I might if I could see you, and just get close enough to whisper in your ear that you are the sweetest, best little angel in the World. I know you are Beloved, and I always want to tell you and keep on telling you. Well Darling. I know you are all having a good time, so I’ll fade away, Bye-bye- all my love is your’s Agda, Good Night Angel Girl

Your’s devotedly for always

This is the morning of the 26th. so I thought I would just say Hello, How are you, It’s a dandy morning, not much doing and everything quiet. It’s 20 ᵒ above and sunny so I don’t care if I have to take a drive out some place today.

How do you feel Agda. I hope you havn’t been gorgeing too much on the good eats most people do at Xmas, but I don’t think my girl, would. Are you going away on monday? I shall try and get down to see you Angel Girl one of these days. Oh Gee I would give anything for a few hours with You Girlie, Well so-long. Pet. for now

Be good to yourself. Won’t you?
Cheerio, my regards to all at home.

With all my love.
Your boy forever