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Date: December 5th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Wakaw. Sask
December 5th ‘19

My Own Dearest Girl,

I wonder just how you are tonight. Gee Angel Girl I wish you were here with me right now. I’ll try to imagine you are and I’ll tell you all about everything. Well I left Prince Albert on Wednesday morning. I woke up at 6.15 am got up, dressed, went to the chinks for breakfast and arrived at the station about 7.30. The train was supposed to leave at 7.45, but didn’t untill about 9. am, so I had a pretty good old wait there.

Well, it left at 9. am and rambled till it arrived at bohunkville about 1 pm I got out with my suitcase and a huge brown paper parcel. First thing that happened I slipped on the snow Then I rambled round the town three times before I discovered the Hotel. I went there had a rotten lunch, and stalled around for a couple of hours. Discovered the policeman’s place was locked up and he was out of town, but was expected to return between six and seven at night. I waited and he didn’t turn up. I met a mounty in plain clothes on some secret service work. Strolled round with him for a while and then went to bed. next day I amused myself playing solitare almost all day. The guy got back about 7 pm that night. I introduced myself and looked over the detachment, and spent the night there.

Now I’ll try and tell you what this place (the detachment) looks like.. It is the near part of the village hall, and consists of two quite nice rooms. One, an office, containing an iron cell, and the other, a bed and living room It is fixed up real good, and we are going to do a little light housekeeping. There is a gramaphone here too, so we shall have some music once in a while. This place is absolutely bohunkville, get it? BOHUNK-VILLE, There isn’t a whiteman’s store in town. They are all Galicians, Hungarians and Jews. Say ain’t that fierce? Oh, the hotel is kept by a whiteman. There is a movie show three times a week, but I don’t think I shall patronize it. Oh I think thats all there is to say about this burgh. The other fellow here is a bohunk too, but he’s a pretty decent guy. He lived in New York City for a number of years, and has been interpreter to the Calgery, Winnipeg and Regina Police Forces. I am going to do all the office work, and I’m going to hustle punks out of some of these bohunks too, believe me.

Now, Darling, you want to quit having such silly dreams. who told you the interpretation Billy Franks? I shall never-never never forsake you my own Angel Girl, for now and for ever. Arn’t you Dearie? Yes I did say ‘maybe’ I’ll come back, well maybe, I’ll die, but if I don’t I will surely come back my dear. You bet I will. I shall not stay at this place very long. The only reason I am glad to be here is because it is the busiest place in the whole Division, and as I am going to handle all the clerical part of it too I shall have lots of practice, and next Spring I shall apply and get a half decent Detatchment of my own. Then I shall get ready for your coming. You just couldn’t live in this place. You might just address my mail to Box 36. Wakaw. Sask, There is no need I think, to put any police stuff on them.

I am trying to answer your letters as I came to your questions, and the next one is, will I always kiss you Good night? Will I? well say, I don’t know how you will ever get on with your cooking, for I’ll want to hop in and kiss you all the time. I will love you Angel Girl Agda for always and always. I havn’t got a uniform yet but it is Khaki, very like a soldiers. The tunic has a thin red strip round the cuff, and the breeches have a thin red strip down the sides. They wear leggings (tan) (like Arthur’s) and tan shoes. I’ve got a fur coat, a pair of shoes, and leggings, a revolver, billy, and handcuffs.

Now Agda don’t you owe me a long long letter for this. I shall mail it tomorrow, Saturday, it will arrive at P.A. tomorrow night, and at Neepawa on Monday, and you should get it that night So let me know when it does arrive..

The next time I’ll mail a letter so that is goes South from here, and see how long it takes. Now I want to tell you about a book I read the other day, called “The new Revelation” by Conan Doyle, the celebrated English Author, and Official Historian, He is a well know Spiritualist, and this book is of his personal experiences. He states that when a person dies, his spirit is freed and travels through space. It posesses the same form as on earth, and according to it’s intellect and morality, occupies an according higher or lower plane, and loved ones are together, not necessarily relatives, or even husband and wife, but as long as love existed between two persons, so they will be together after death. Creeds or religions did not make any apparent difference. I don’t know if you will think this altogether rot. but the book was just a little convincing, and I should like to think that you and I darling would be together always. It is just a little comforting I think. If only our spirits could mingle at night when we are asleep it would help to pass the time, wouldn’t it, my own dear Girl?

Now Agda, you dearest wonderful little girl I think I shall quit or you’ll be all night reading this, and won’t be able to sleep. “Good night,” my own dear Angel Girl. With all my love and Kisses

I am Darling forever

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