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Date: December 1st 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

December 1st 1919.

Hello Angel Girl.

How’s the world using you? Gee Kiddy I wish you were up here with me. It would be jake, but say it’s been cold as bad as 30ᵒ below. I’ve just been to a show call “The Auction of Souls” Don’t ever go to see it, for it’s fierce. The picture is taken well, but it’s quite horrible in parts. The handbills advertise that $10.00 per seat was paid for admission. I think anyone that would pay ten bones to see that picture has a morbid mind.

Well never mind about about that. I want to know all about you. Are you jake-a-bonn? What’s all doing at Scandinavia? How is Mabel (miss Christoperson) how’s Pearl? Is dear Axel glad I’m away and also Mr Franks. Just imagine Darling one, that I’ve to wait two more whole days before there will be a letter from you, and there has been no news since last Friday-week. For your information “Peaches,” here is a list of the train connections. I should imagine a letter route would be

I guess I shall be at WAKAW on Thursday, that means I shall miss the mail again (if there is any) till Saturday, but after that it won’t be so bad. I’ll write when I get there and let you know what kind of a burgh I’ve hit.

Say- here is Five beans for the Kiddies Xmas tree, Did the furs arrive yet. Cheerio my own Angel Girl.

night night Agda, my own little Agda
Heaps of love & Kisses your own boy

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Original Scans