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Date: September 10th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sept 10th 1919

My Dearest Agda

How’s everything Darling? and all at home? I was expecting a letter from you today, but maybe there will be one next mail day. I wish I was all through here, and on my way to you. We shall be threshing tomorrow I guess if it keeps fine. Gee that’s hard work. This guy gets up on Railway Time, and quits on ordinary time. Threshing is no cinch in this outfit, but it will all be finished in about ten days I should think. Then I’m coming to see you, rain hail or snow. I might come down before that. I don’t know yet. I know I’d like to start right now. I havn’t had much of a chance to do much writing these last few days, although we havn’t been threshing since Saturday. We’ve been working. Yesterday we loaded a car with wheat Twenty-four wagon loads.

Oh! this farming stuff is getting my goat. Oh! Say Angel, let me tell you a little story. There was once a beautiful little baby girl who was so lovely and sweet that they found no suitable name for her, so they called her “A Good Darling Angel.” In the course of time, the initial letters of each word were taken and they called her ‘Agda’.

That’s a little bedtime story, and must be finished in the usual way with a great big kiss, and ‘She lived happy ever after’ “Good night Angel mine” Send me a letter soon, but don’t forward any other mail that may happen along

Good Night Darling. My kind Regards to all at home. Cheerio. I feel a little lonesome for you tonight, but I hope I shall be with you soon

Bye-bye Sweetheart

Your’s forever

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