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Date: August 28th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sandy Lake P.O
28th Aug. 19

Hello Agda Dear

How are you today? I don’t just know how I am I feel well alright, but I’m in a restless mood. I arrived at the famous lake resort last night, but the guy was not there. I drifted over to the Pool Room, played a game of Boston with a fellow and “What d’you know” I beat him, more by good luck than good judgement I guess. Then, at supper time I visited old Farmer who was haying at the farm, met his wife, a very “American” old lady, and stayed for supper, and waited around for the boss who did not appear. I thought perhaps he had been working his horses very hard, so I left my suit case at Farmer’s and started out I rode part of the way in a car and walked the rest across country, and incidentally across a barbed wire fence. I passed through Smith’s place, and found him looking over a “Titan” Tractor and Separator he had only just received. I stopped and talked with him for a while and he told me all he knew about the working parts of the outfit. I mentioned to him about Cis taking over this school (He has three children who attend) and these are the facts- The salary offered is $90.00 (I believe it could easily be raised $10.00), there are 23 pupils, and 5 grades. Smith is willing to board the teacher, and the school is about a mile from his house.

Smith has a swell house, and it would be a dandy place to board at, but there will not be accommodation for another two weeks.

Gee I wish you would come and teach school here Agda. I would like to work for Smith myself and learn how to run his outfit. Oh I must tell you I arrived home here at about 11 pm, and the folks were all asleep. They had been out visiting. This morning we commenced stacking wheat untill the rain put an end to work and this guy said he thought it was mean of me to stay away from Sat to Wed. Well I was rather astonished and told him so and he quite talking but he is sore and I guess he will want to chew the rag tomorrow. If it rains again oh! say he won’t be able to stay still a minute. I don’t know hut I’ve a notion that we will not be able to agree much longer. However I suppose we’ll fix it up somehow. Excuse this pencil, but I just can’t scratch along with that old pen any more. now Angel girl, what about yourself? I don’t know how I am going to live without seeing you for a while. This place seems to be just like “doing time,” just working for experience. This evening after supper I did a little work on the implement shed and I was thinking to myself how I would have enjoyed doing it if it was for us, and not for another guy. I bet those spikes would slip in like putty if that was our place.

I’m afraid Agda Dear, you will find this letter all scrappy, and scrambling but it just expresses my feelings for the minute. When I have finished I’ll feel better, I know. I can’t talk with this guy. I’ve been playing cribbage with him, but I feel I want to get away some place. Well I guess I want to get to you. That’s it alright. Agda, Pet, you are just everything to me. Why didn’t I see you ten years ago! We would have been farmer by this time. oh! Its a funny old world. I guess the reason I have never worked (hard) before is because there has been nothing to work for. Well Cheerio Sweetest just try to remember that all this scribble is written by a guy desperately in love. Good night my Angel

Forever and Ever Yours

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Original Scans