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Date: August 17th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sunday. Aug. 17th ’19.
9 pm.

My Dear Agda

Well how is my beloved little girl tonight? I hope you are your own sweet happy little self, and found nothing wrong at church today. It must have been rather warm there. Say, hasn’t it been hot. I’m glad it is Sunday and there has been no hay to put up today. I’ve had a very lazy day (for a hired man) and I had (actually) a sleep this afternoon. The people went to town yesterday afternoon and brought home two more milk cows making three altogether and now the hired man milks, so I’ll be able to help ma a little (if she’ll let me) when I come to see you next week. I’m coming down on Saturday to Ericson. I guess, and then oh! my little girl I’ll have you again for a few days. I’ll bet the days will seem like years this week. I started this letter at 9 o’clock and I was all alone but the folks just got back and I had to quit for a while, for I hate to write to you when a bunch a people are talking about hay and hogs and wheat and stuff. I like to think and write to you Dearest just when I am just quite alone, when I can build my castles in the air. If only some of them would stick and we could fly off together.

Oh, I got the parcel and the snaps all OK Did you like the snaps? I think they are so pretty fair and am sending some to my Dad He’ll be interested. I guess you didn’t get your’s developed yet. Its 10 o’clock now angel mine, and this is the last sheet of paper and Its got to [?] up one more [?] to write to Dad so girlie I’ll whisper ‘Good night’ now

Give them all my kind Regards at home Bye-bye Sweetheart take lots of care of yourself this time next Sunday I hope I’ll be right with you. Roll on next Sunday.

Cheerio my own Darling.

All my love is Your’s

Forever Your’s

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