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Date: July 5th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Saturday July 5th 1919

My Dearest Agda

Well Girlie. How’s every little thing? I wonder if the little girl has been wondering just what has become of me and if she’ll be glad to know I am at last in Winnipeg. I just blew in this evening, and I rushed to the P.0 and got your letter of the 6th of June. It sure is too bad Kiddie that I have been so long in coming, but I shall follow this little letter right quick. I’ve got to wait a couple of days to put through some business and get fixed up. Tomorrow is Sunday so that doesn’t count. I guess I’ll be on my way on Wednesday, and I’ll wire from here before I leave. I’ve got my ticket in my pocket already for Clan William.

Gee! it does feel funny, I can hardly believe that I am really quit of the Army at last. I wonder what that mysterious something is that you are going to tell me. I wonder if I can guess.

Well Honey dearest cheerio
Yours Ever

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Original Scans