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Date: December 24th 1918
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder


My Dear Agda

I can’t tell you how glad I was to receive your nice letter of Nov 24. Your letters of course, Dearie, are always nice, but this one reached me in Hospital on Xmas day. It almost made me feel homesick I am lying in bed right now in hospital I can’t sleep and am planning all kinds of things for the future. I wonder how it will all turn out, and when I shall see you again. Somehow I don’t think it will be very long. In a month at the latest I shall be through here, and then to blighty I guess and after that oh Joy- to Canada and real civilization.

I shan’t know what to do I might take up land after a while or I have been thinking perhaps of trying for the Customs Service, but time will show the way I guess. You say I look thin, well I only want to wear civilian clothes for a while and I guess I’ll be jake. I dream to ham and eggs and hot cakes for breakfast and pies and things. Gee- I’m scared I’m going to make a hog of myself one of these days.

It sure is great to know for sure that these dismal dreary trips in the trenches are now a thing of the past, and now the trouble is to get home and to get there quick. The boys are crazy to get going, but of course It is a long job, there are so many men here, and I suppose there must be some remain behind for a while. I was at Mons and Brussels before I got sick that is as far to Germany as I want to go. Now all my thoughts are for travelling the other way. The day of the armistice was not celebrated where we were, at [?] but I guess in the big Cities away back they would have quite a time.

I shall have to learn from you how to raise good crops and cattle and hogs and things if I take up land. The fellows here all have different notions. Some think it a good proposition others wouldn’t take it on a bet.

I guess the married men will be the first to get home. Some have only just got out, but I don’t suppose it will make very much difference for we shall all be home very soon. I’ll have to write you again. It seems better being in hospital just at this time, but its no ass kicking, I’m lucky to be here anyway.

Oh yes Dear Kid I received the parcel you sent in Sept, I guess you’ve heard from me since then. I’ll write you again very soon Princess

Good night now
Yours Ever

The name address will be best to me now until I know just where I am going.

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