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Date: October 26th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook


Dear Neice and all

Just a few lines to let yous know that I’m well, hoping this will find yous all the same and I recived the parcel yous sent me today. Yous mailed it Sept 13 it was in good condition it was jamed a little but nothing to hurt. The cake was dandy, and every thing elce was O.K. The cigarettes and the mapel sugar was jamed a little but not very much

I’m glad you got that cousion top I sent you. It will be pretty hard to work, when you never seen one. John Dobbs got one done, he got a lad to work his for him, but I diden’t just have the time just then, it wouldent be very hard to work, if you could see one, if you could see the one John Dobbs sent home it would give you a ida how it is done but I think you can do it all right. I got the babys photo all right I told you in the last letter I rote you, but to make sure I mention it in this letter, he is sure gitting to be a big boy,

I’m back from the lines just now on a rest I’m gitting along O.K.

How did the fair come off this fall in Sundridge, say Gladys I want you to be sure and lern to play the vilion so you can lern me when I get back

Earnest was telling me in his letter that he got a new buggy this summer, he will be cution a shine now what girl does he drive around

Well Gladys as news is very scarce I must close for this time and meny thanks for the parcil yous sent me, the contents was sure good, so by by.

With Love to all

Rite soon again

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